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Video Links

Video links serve a dual purpose: you can use them to showcase recorded presentations of finalized deliverables or within your sales deal tracker

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How It Works

Select your recording type

You can choose to either record just your screen, just your camera, or both your screen and your camera for maximum flexibility.

Once you select your option and your screen, you will hear a 3, 2, 1 beep count down and then its showtime!

After you've recorded your masterpiece, return to this screen in order to play back the video.

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Edit Video

Trimming a video has never been easier. With our intuitive video trimming tools, you can effortlessly remove unwanted segments, polish your content, and create a flawless final product. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or business owner, our platform empowers you to craft engaging videos that capture your audience's attention from start to finish.
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Wow your customers with personalized links Just for them. With the power to customize slugs and titles, you can craft links that reflect your brand and content perfectly.
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Get Them Scheduled

Effortlessly guide your viewers towards the next step of your sales process by seamlessly integrating Projects Hub Schedule Links with your videos. With just a click, your audience can transition from being engaged with your content to taking action in your sales journey. Say goodbye to friction and hello to a smoother, more interactive viewer experience.
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