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How It Works

Edit everything you need

Begin by crafting compelling titles and descriptions that clearly convey what your product or service offers to your customers.

Once you've created a comprehensive product description, it's essential to highlight its key features and benefits, allowing potential customers to quickly understand its value.

To enhance the buying experience, consider including frequently asked questions (FAQs) that provide quick answers to common queries, helping your customers make informed decisions.

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Content Delivery

Enhance your product listings by attaching images or PDFs. This way, your customers can easily access and download their purchased content instantly through email.
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Set your pricing

You have ultimate flexibility when setting your currency, price, and whether you want to charge a one-time fee or a recurring subscription.
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Maximize your link's visibility! Share it across social media platforms, send it to your email list, embed it on your website, and include it in your bio link.

Make sure to secure your unique links before the best options are taken!

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