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Connect Gmail With SMTPA Gmail-SMTP Guide

  1. Setting up your IMAP connection.

    1. On your Gmail in your desktop browser, open the settings tab.

    2. Select the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab on the top.


      1. Select "Enable IMAP"

      2. Select "Auto-Expunge on"

      3. click on "Save Changes"

  2. Enabling 2-factor Authentication (2FA)

    1. Click here to head over to your security tab in your Google Account

    2. Select 2-Step Verification. In the event that this is already turned on, you do not need to do anything else with this step.


    3. Follow the prompts to turn on 2-Step Verification


  3. Creating an App Password

    1. Head over to the App Passwords tab in your Google Account.

    2. Create a new app and name it something that you will remember. (projectshub-email would be a great app name)


    3. Copy the 16-character password that they give to you. You will need to keep track of that for a later step!


  4. Head back to Projects Hub and fill out the four inputs to connect your email.

    select provider

    1. The "from name" should be the name of the owner of the email

    2. The "from email" should be the email address you just created the IMAP setting for

    3. The "Username" should be the name of the app you created on Gmail for easy finding

    4. The "App Password" should be the password you copied in the previous step

  5. Once you're finished, click "Send Test Email" and then go and check your inbox. If you have received an email from yourself, you are ready to save that email!